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Dealing with injuries, unpaid bills, divorce or custody issues often leaves you with more questions than answers.  Khurana Law Firm PC can help you find the answers you need.  Good advice is hard to come by, and every clients' case is unique.  Don't be pressured into making bad decisions in the name of a quick buck or a fast resolution. Let the attorneys at Khurana Law Firm PC advise you of your rights, potential remedies and avenues of recovery under Michigan law.  Draw on our years of accumulated experience advising clients and allow Khurana Law Firm PC to set you on the path toward becoming whole.  


Whether you are injured in a car accident or some other traumatic occurrence; whether divorce or custody issues are becoming an issue - our attorneys are available to discuss all your options so you can make an informed decision regarding how to proceed.  Initial consultations are always free, and our attorneys are happy to discuss your potential options.


Injuries are traumatic experiences regardless of their severity.  So, too, are fights involving custody and divorce.  The uncertainty that comes hand-in-hand with major life changes, potential reduced earning capacity, and an inability to live your normal life can be crippling.  Khurana Law Firm PC is here to counsel and guide you as you navigate your way through processes that can be both confusing and frustrating in equal measure. 


Our attorneys will always speak your language - whether you speak English, Arabic, Spanish or Hindi - and we encourage and welcome open, honest discussion of not only the status of your case, but the status of your recovery as well.  At Khurana Law Firm PC, we don't take your trust in us lightly.  In the courtroom, in the exam room and beyond, we are in this together.


It is true - most civil cases never see a jury.  That is why at Khurana Law Firm PC, our advocacy begins outside the courtroom.  Should settlement be an option, we want our clients to be well-positioned to maximize their potential return or limit their potential damages.  We take a proactive approach and give honest, realistic opinions on the potential for settlement.  We do not advise clients to settle a case unless we truly believe it is fair, appropriate and in a client's best interest.  We believe our clients deserve an advocate that has their best interests at heart and we pride ourselves on obtaining the best result for you, whether through settlement, trial or appeal.  We are your voice in a system that that often would prefer you remain voiceless and we will be tireless and zealous advocates for you and your loved ones.  



Khurana Law Firm PC is a full-service law firm focused on Michigan No-Fault law, personal injury and family law. Whether you've been in an accident, are the victim of a dog bite or slip and fall, are a medical provider seeking assistance with payment under the Michigan No-Fault Act or you need representation in a divorce or other family law matter, Khurana Law Firm PC is uniquely equipped to serve as both an advisor and advocate. Located in Troy, MI and serving the Detroit Metro Area and beyond, our experienced team of attorneys will represent your interests through every phase of litigation—from the pre-suit stage through trial, alternative dispute resolution and appeal. 

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